Combined Filter/Transient Connector Products

In addition to providing both filtering and transient protection technologies in connector packages independently, FilConn also has the unique ability to package both technologies inside of a typical mil spec connector package outline. This can be accomplished across any connector and any contact density.

Here are some highlights:

  • Capacitor working voltages as high as 250VDC with 500 volt DWV.
  • Capacitance values as high as 10nF.
  • TVS Diode breakdown voltages from 3-200Vdc.
  • Optional power handling up to 1500Watts
  • ULC (Ultra Low Capacitance) TVS Diodes available for high speed applications.
  • Dual lightning/ESD protection diodes available.
  • Unidirectional and/or Bidirectional diodes available

Contact FilConn to speak with an engineer regarding your custom connector needs.