Flange Captivation

For those customers that require captivated mounting hardware, FilConn can install most any type of clinch nut or Helicoil desired. Usually this value added service is done at no charge to the customer. Some photos of clinch nut and Helicoil installations are shown below. If you have a requirement for clinch nut or Helicoil installations, contact one of our engineers to discuss your need.

Testing Services
  • Burn in at temperatures up to 300°F and voltages up to 1000Vdc
  • Thermal Shock testing per Mil-STD-202 Method 107
  • Thermal Cycle per customer or mil spec requirements
  • Insertion Loss testing per customer requirements

New equipment is constantly being added to facilitate additional testing requirements. Contact FilConn today to discuss your testing needs.

Wire Harness Termination

For several customers, we have both, designed and manufactured the filter connector product as well as terminated the connector to the customers' specifications. Wire harness terminations can be applied exactly per the customers spec with special materials or labels. This allows the customer to purchase a turnkey product from a single source in addition to relieving customer workload by having FilConn provide a complete turnkey product.

Alumel/Chromel Termination

Many customers require the use of alumel and chromel contacts for external temperature measurements. FilConn has many years of experience in incorporating the alumel and chromel material requirements through the connector assembly. The photo shown below is of a 38999 Series III connector with integrated alumel / chromel contacts and external wires which are terminated to a circuit card.